Real Time Payments - Countering Fraud Threats, UK Lessons
This is a Free Product Showcase Video On Demand with NICE Actimize. Faster Payments are becoming more and more prevalent in the U.S. with Zelle, TCH RTP, Same Day ACH and the most recently announced, FedNow. While all these payments revolutions are exciting, there is a common fear from Financial Service Organizations of all of the questions including:

* "What if we are unable to mitigate fraud attacks fast enough?"

* "What if our customers have a bad experience?"

* "What if our reputation is damaged?"

What if you could anticipate the growing pains of moving your institution to faster payments? Join this product showcase video on demand by our partner NICE Actimize as they review lessons learned by the UK's implementation of Real-Time Payments including:

* How faster payments schemes have evolved
* What fraud to expect on faster payments and specific attack vectors
* What the impact was on customers

* Tools and strategies

Item Number - LMSR0010


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